Teeth Whitening

I had this great idea that Tony and I should get our teeth whitened before the wedding, and well yes that day was today. First off you go in and they clean your teeth, then they put this thing in your mouth to keep it open for oh AN HOUR!! You know, kinda like when you get braces they keep it open with a plastic thing. I probably drooled as much as a baby does when they are teething :-( So I am sitting there in 15 minnutes intervals, with my mouth WIDE OPEN and this laser thing basically resting on my mouth. I was ok for the first 15 minutes, but then my mouth started getting tired. And the drool starting dripping onto my chest (I know you all are laughing right now). So the dental assistant kept checking on me every 5 mintues to make sure I was ok.
One thing they didn't do was make sure I went to the restroom beforehand. I had to pee like a race horse and I couldn't move my body, I couldn't get up and releave myself...my bladder was about to explode. Finally the process was over and my teeth are white as can be for our wedding photos next weekend :-D

But can I just tell you how painful the aftermath is?!?!?! Yes, they do tell you your teeth will be a bit sensitive, they tell you not to drink colored drinks (coffee, soda). But oh my word they DO NOT tell you about the numerous numerous shocks you will receive in your teeth throughout the day. Ok seriously, that is not sensitivity, it would make anyone feel uncomfortable. I was driving to work and all I felt was shooting pains, like horrible shooting pains. I was cursing like you wouldn't believe, mind you no one was in the car. By the time I got to work, my mouth area was so red, people were wondering what I had done...some said waxing, some said botox. Botox?!?!?! I'm only 26 years young, why would I need botox????? I am still in lots of pain from this procedure, it's so uncomfortable. Everytime I feel a shock, my entire body gets a hot flash and I just want to scream!!! By the way, I called Tony after my appointment and he asked how it went and if it was painful. I said "Just a little, but you will be fine." He says, "Baby, I don't like that kind of pain. It's not fun." My repsonse, "No one does, but do it for me."

Tony's appointment was at 1pm, it was about 3pm and I still havent heard from him...so I was beginning to wonder. I text a couple of times, but no response, so that made me assume he was still getting the treatment. Finally 4pm roles around and I get this text, 'Biggest mistake I have ever made!! Why the fuck did I do that?' (sorry for the language) Well I guess it didn't go well. He called and told me it was extremely pain and he would never do it again. He could hardly talk he was in so much pain. He had took 2 prescription strength Motrin and it didn't do a thing. Then he took an Ambien about 4:15pm, and I got home at 5:30pm and he was awake. So needless to say that didn't help either. I finally talked him into taking another Ambien, and yes ladies he is now asleep at 7:00pm. I have never seen Tony in so much pain, I wish I could have taken it away from him. His eyes just told it all, they showed pain like I have never seen :-( For his sake I hope he sleeps through the night, with ZERO pain tomorrow.

So just an FYI if you ever feel like getting your teeth professionally whitened, remember this story and the amount of utter pain you will be in. Oh the price we pay for beauty!! And to look good for our wedding!!


  1. Awww...hunnies!!! I am so sorry you guys!! That sucks!! I have never heard that it is painful before!! I have considered doing it too.. But I have huge dentist phobia and that just might push me over the edge!! I hope you both wake up tomorrow all better!! Just remind him that he doesn't have to push out your babies!! This will be the worst physical pain he will probably ever have to go through for you!! Lol Love you guys!!

  2. Just found your blog and I am in shock, I thought it was just me! I got my teeth whitened several years ago and it hurt to breath afterward! My teeth couldn't even handle the intake of air. My Mom called my dentist uncle who said it was rare but did sometimes happen. I had to take a vicodin to feel better. I now imagine this is the norm for people after a teeth whitening, ugh! You have a beautiful smile so I bet your teeth look gorgeous though.