Work Out Routine

Ever since I met Tony we have been work out partners, well partners in everything actually :-)
He has pushed my little bootie like you can't believe. He makes me work for it, he makes me push through when I think I cannot go any further. He is an amazing trainer, oh did I mention he has a sexy body too!!
It is important to the both of us to lead healthy lives and stay active...and it's perfect that we can share another activity and encourage each other.

Here is our work out routine:

Monday: AM- 20 min cardio, biceps & triceps; PM- 30 min cardio
Tuesday: AM- 20 min cardio, back; PM- 30 min cardio
Wednesday: AM- 20 min cardio, shoulders; PM- 30 min cardio
Thursday: 20 min cardio, legs; PM- 30 min cardio
Friday: 30 min cardio in AM or PM
Saturday: 20 min cardio, legs; PM-30 min cardio
Sunday: any outside activity

For the most part we are pretty consistent with our working out routine. Tony doesn't let more than a day go by without some form of physical fitness. The routine might seem a little nutty to some people, but we make it fit into our lives, so it's jusr a normal thing for us. But don't get me wrong, I make sure I get some ice cream in here at least once a week. :-)

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