Bridal Shower

My wedding shower was yesterday, May 22nd, at my mom's house. It was so much fun!! Angela, sister n law, made the cutest invites and the centerpieces. Mom did the food, the games, the decorations, the cake(well she bought the cake). Aarika, Kelley, Lauren and Kimberly helped with the organizing the games.
This party was awesome. Tony dropped me off and had to come inside real quick to make the Pink Martini's that momma couldnt figure out. Well, he made them like super strong. Kimberly gave me a pink white glass with a blinged out 'L' and I had 4 of those full of the Pink Martini's....did I say 4!! Ok remember I am a light-weight drinker, so 4 full glasses is a lot. But man were they delicious. I think I had a drink in my hand the entire party. Anyways, at first we played a guess the famous bride/groom or wedding movie game...this kind of game is a typical thing mom would plan :) next we ate yummy taco salad with rolls. oh there was spinach/artichoke dip and regular spinach dip around...so YUMMY!!! after lunch we played a game where you dress someone up in toilet paper and ribbons to look like a beautiful bride. I was the judge so I didnt have to be dressed up, but it was hilarious watching everyone try to figure out what style would work best and how to make their 'model' look the best. First place was Grandma and second place was Aunt Melissa. Then we went inside and mom put a video on. It was Aarika interviewing Tony about our relationship. She asked him questions, then put it on pause to see if my response would be the same as his. It was fun!! I have to admit I didnt get all the answers the same as Tony, but Id say a majority of them :)
Next of course was PRESENTS!!! We got lots of great gifts plus some sexy lingerie ;) Oh and the desert was confetti cake!! Omg Susie's Cakes in Calabasas has the most delicious cake ever! It is so moist and oh so good!!
Thank you to all of you that shared this day with me.


  1. What a cute dress! :) Glad you had a good time!

  2. You are right it was a great shower and you were so funny, if only we had a video with you openingg presents!