Wedding Preparations...gone bad

Wedding invites are out!! The turned out perfectly. My mom found this great website so instead of us making them all by hand (not enough time to do so), we ordered them. Black and hot pink!! I love them :) Good job mom!
We found a minister, thank God!! Tony's dad's friend will be performing out ceremony. We go visit him about once a month, maybe every other month down in Huntington Beach (our favorite place) and just hang out in Hula Circle. He is a great guy and I'm excited he will be part of our wedding.
Yesterday Tony and I went over to my mom's house to help cut corks for the table assignment holders. Oh my did this not turn out well at all!! When we first arrived, mom tells us she has cut herself a fews times and that we should be careful. So about ten minutes goes by and then everyone started cutting themselves. I'm not just talking about little paper cuts, I'm talking like full on huge cuts from the razor blades. Tony first cuts himself and is bleeding all over the cork he was cutting. Aarika runs to get bandaids...in the meantime while he is cleaning his fingers off. BAM!! I started cursing and freakin out because I cut myself. Not sure exactly how it happened, but it was bad. Tony got his finger situated, well with bandaids. I'm over at the sink covering the sink with blood. It was crazy, it wouldn't stop bleeding. I finally get bandaids on it, and they aren't even helping. The blood is just going straight through. So Tony decides we should put Peroxide on the cuts to clean them out, and then Neosporin and more bandaids. So we go to the bathroom and do this...but of course mine isn't getting better. The blood is still soaking through the bandaids. So mom goes to get gauze and we tape gauze around my finger. Oh my, this was so much work just to try to get the bleeding to stop. Later we get home and low and behold, my finger is still bleeding. Tony's finger stopped bleeding. Well all night my finger is taped up, and it is kind of annoying to do things when you can't bend it or really bump it on anything without pain.
This morning was a task blow drying my hair, but no worries I did it...I didn't suck my hair in a ponytail :) After I got ready for the day, I decided to take the bandaid off, and WOW so not a good idea!! My finger was gushing blood!! Tony had to hang up the phone with his mom and rushed over to the sink, trying to help me figure out what to do. He gets the gauze, tape and Neosporin out and plays doctor to me. Thanks baby!! ;) All day I have had this huge white thing on my finger, I can't bend it, I can't do anything with it. Sitting here typing is kind of a chore, but I just wanted to share the story. I am hoping tomorrow it heals a little, but at this point the skin is not even close to coming back together.
Oh and the worst part is my mom is freakin me out saying I need stitches. Stitches?!?!?! No way in hell am I getting stitches. I have never had them and I hope I never get them, let alone on my tiny little pinky finger. I mean come on that would be pretty painful since there isn't much skin to work with on a finger. Hopefully one of the nurses at work tomorrow can help me figure something out to help it heal quickly.
All in all wedding preparations are going good, this was just a little bump in the road and a good story to tell you all. :)

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  1. Oh no! Hope you're feeling better and it's healing ok! I bet you're glad your invites are out!