My sisters are growing up....

Next week Aarika will be turning 19. OMG!!! 19!!! Lauren turned 18 in March and Kelley will be 21 in September (legally allowed to buy alcohol, OMG!!!). Now there is NO more kids in the family...we are all adults now. I can vividly remember Kelley, Aarika and Lauren playing in the backyard when they were probably 3 and 4 years old. They were my chunky, innocent, sweet sisters. Not anymore...they are adults now and definately not innocent, growing up into beautiful women.

Kelley, the oldest of the younger sisters, is applying to some pretty prestigious colleges: UCLA and Berkley. WOW!! I know I would never have even thought twice about applying to those schools. She is quite a smarty pants, know it all kinda girl. She is the sister that gives me advice, thinking she knows more about life than I do :D I always remind her I am 7 years older than her, I think I have a bit more experience. That is just who she is and I love her for it.

Aarika, the middle of the younger sisters, is graduating from high school this year. I cannot believe it!! She has matured so much over the years thank God, because I remember she would drive me crazy always wanting to hang out with me and my friends. But being the meanie I was, I always said no or I would say yes, but she would have to keep her mouth shut LOL Anyways, she is so extremely talented in fashion and makeup. I love her sense of fashion, I always ask her to help me improve my wardrobe and give me tips on dressing cuter :D She always looks cute, even when she isnt really matching LOL

Lauren, the baby/dad's favorite (well maybe not anymore lol, just kidding), is graduating from high school this year too. Little Laur...growing up we used to make Lauren go ask dad if we could have pizza for dinner or donuts for breakfast. She was the cute little one that dad always always said yes too. So of course we had to use her. Dad would respond 'Anything for you baby, aww.' And the he would just smile at us and laugh. He isnt stupid, he knew what we were doing, but hey it worked for our benefit :D Not so little anymore, she is still dad's little girl...the baby of our clan.

I didnt live with Kelley and Lauren, so I wasnt able to watch them grow up on a daily basis. I feel like I wasnt there for them, I wasnt that bigger sister that they needed. I hate myself for that, it breaks my heart that I dont know them as well as I know Aarika. I didnt try harder to be around, I was young and wanted to be with friends more than my younger sisters. I hope you two know that I love you so much and I will always be here for you.

Kelley, Aarika and Lauren you three have grown into beautiful young women. You each have a special place in my heart. It is fun for me to watch you grow. To look back at old pictures and compare them to know....oh my how each of you has matured in your looks and personalities. I love you all so much!!

Christmas 2000

Winter 2009
Thanksgiving 2009
Winter 2009


  1. I can't believe my little brother's and sister's are growing up so fast too! Time flies!

    I wanna see some wedding details! It's in July right?

  2. time sure does fly!! Its nuts!!! Yes wedding in july. the shower is next weekend, so ill post pics from it.

  3. As much as you wanted to spend time with Kel and Laur sometimes life got in the way and that was not your fault. As long as you all know that bond between you can never break, time or distance will not matter. All 4 of you have a very special relationship. Each of you are very lucky,