30 Days!!

The countdown has officially begun...Tony and I are getting married in 30 days! Oh my word, in 30 days I will be a Mrs., I will be a wife, and I will have a hubby :-D (that is supposed to be a gigantic smile)
I have been waiting for this day my entire life, ok well not my entire life but a very long time. You see Tony was in the marines, we got engaged August 2008, he left for Virginia for a year in February 2009. So we couldn't have our wedding last year, so I have been waiting almost 2 freakin' years to marry this man. 2 years since we got engaged!!! Tony came home in March so we made plans for our wedding this July. And this July is actually right around the corner. HOLY COW!!!
The day I met Tony, I knew there was something different about him. There was something that made me SO attracted to him...maybe it was his tattoos (a bad boy?) He is not a bad boy at all (well maybe a little before he joined the marines), but he did give that impression off, and I loved it!! I called my friend and just gushed about how sexy and gentlemanly (so not a word, I don't think?) he was. Oh I was smitten from the moment we met. I knew I wanted to marry him and have his baby and spend my life with him.
Tony is a wonderful amazing person. He is caring, loving, sexy, romantic, kind, sexy, honest, loyal, sexy, and treats me like a princess...oh wait, did I mention sexy? I could go on and on, but I think you all get the picture.
In 30 days...4 weeks...1 month, 30 days I will be married. I will have that gorgeous wedding band on my finger, close to my heart and I will get to put Tony's wedding band on his finger, that I mentioned to him he is never allowed to remove ;-)


  1. So do you love Tony or what??!! I am so happy for you and the wonderful new life you two are planning and will have. I love you.

  2. aww what a sweet post! So happy for you!! :)