Honeymoon Destination

I am so extremely excited about our honeymoon. We are going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I just have to tell you (although you can see in pics below) it looks A.MA.Z.I.N.G!!!! This will be our first vacation together. Well, we went to Vegas for New Years 2009 for 2 nights. I wouldn't call that a vacation. So needless to say, I am thrilled to go on our honeymoon. I just know it is going to be wonderful for us to spend that much alone time together...to be able to relax.

I can just see us now:

~sitting in a loung chair on the beach with an alcoholic drink in our hand (for Tony a Long Island, for me a Margarita...oh and of course top shelf per Tony's request). We don't even need to carrying on a conversation, just being there together will be nice.

~swimming in the crystal clear water, not worrying about what I'm stepping on or what is swimming by my legs that I cannot see because the water in California is disgustingly dirty.

~laying on the white sandy beach tanning away :) (this will probably only be me not Tony, he gets too bored tanning)

~enjoying nice meals around the resort.

~best of all, I will be alone with my new hubby :)


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  2. Sounds like such a great time!!

  3. The resort is soo nice! You will have a blast. How neat it's your first official vacation :)

  4. That looks beautiful! I bet you can't wait, that will be so much fun!