Home Alone

We are going on week 2 of Tony being up in Fresno. I have to say I am so not a fan of this little situation. It is awful, I miss more terribly!! And I am bored out of my mind sitting at home. We hardly ever watch TV, but I must admit since he has been gone the TV is always on just so I have noise. I am not a big fan of silence in the home, well ok I am if Tony is here with me. But being home alone, the silence freaks me out!! I guess I could put the ipod on instead of the TV. That will be my plan for tomorrow night. :)
So I am sitting here in front of the computer, listening to The Bachelorette in the background...such a dramatic show LOL Well since Tony has been gone I have started working out in the morning and at night. Yes I know I am a crazy person for doing this. But it keeps me busy and keeps my mind from wandering every where. I get up at 5:15am and work out for an hour, then go to work, come home to an empty house, sad face, go straight to the gym for a 30 minute run on the treadmill. Then I cook dinner and eat alone, another sad face, and either go on computer, read my photography books or watch HGTV/Food Network. Such an exciting life is what I know you all are thinking.
Well this last Friday at 10:00pm my door bell rang. Natural for me to freak out, since I was just about to go to sleep. Oh and dont forget I am home alone. Part of me wanted to grab my gun (oh dad would be proud), but I decided to first look through the peep hole. And guess what...IT WAS TONY!!! He totally surprised me :) He drove down from Fresno to surprise me. He had a bouquet of flowers and ice cream. He totally knows how to win me over :) I was so freakin excited!! I didn't think I was going to see him until a couple days before the wedding. Being that he came home, I had a great weekend!! We spent lots of alone time ;) and date night at no other than our favorite place, the Outback. He left yesterday afternoon. I am hoping he will come home again this weekend. I keep giving him the guilt trip ahahaha
We will see how much working out and reading I can do while Tony is gone. I hope I stick with this work out plan he left me. I gotta get in tip top shape for the honeymoon :) And the reading will help me in pursuing photography.

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  1. Hope you get a ton done while your man is gone -- Thanks for stopping by my blog :)